Ryan Boyles

is a geek.

Work: Social media marketing, software dev 

Play: Podcasts, concerts, #ncbeer #ncbbq

Fun: Life streaming, declarative living, travel, soccer

Full disclosure18 years in software biz, 12 years in development, 3 years as community manager, 2 years as technical evangelist, 4 years as social media strategist. Specialize in digital experience and social influence for customer events, such as IBM global conferences (Impact) and industry events like SXSW. I now lead social strategy for one of the IBM software brands: Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure. I know UI, app dev, cloud, mobile, social business, big data, systems management. Won the Forrester Groundswell Award, Hermes Award and Summit Award (twice) for B2B social media engagement, events and campaigns. I co-host several podcasts, been blogging since 2004 and I tweet too much. I co-founded and host prominent local NC tech/creative community events including Ignite Raleigh, Triangle Tweetup and Instawalk Raleigh. I live in Wake Forest, North Carolina and work in Research Triangle Park's IBM Software lab. I'm passionate about how social networking enriches lives. I have tasted 320+ varieties of #NCBeer. How can I help you?

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